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Health information exchange systems are exactly what they do. They offer real time data sharing along with some really powerful and useful features that enhance productivity and profitability. With Zapbuild, you get a custom made and highly efficient HIE software solution that enables your doctors, medical practitioners, nurses and several other medical staff members to exchange and disseminate critical patient details and medical data, all the while maintaining the privacy of the entire system. Health information exchange services from Zapbuild are a secure and completely reliable medium for your hospitals and clinics to exchange critical patient data. You would pick our custom HIE software for several strong reasons. It improves patient safety and reduces medical errors, provides your caregivers enough clinical support tools that enable them to come up with effective care and treatment plans. You can eliminate dependency on paper work and unnecessary testing. Such software platforms also improve reporting, monitoring, care quality and reduce costs as well.

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Some Features That Make Zapbuild's Healthcare Information Exchange Services More Powerful Than Others

Compliance And Industry Regulations

The medical information exchange software that you get with Zapbuild is compliant with HIPAA, HL7, DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine), CDA (Clinical Document Architecture), CCD (Continuity of Care Documents) and also QRDA (Quality Reporting Document Architecture). All the primary digital healthcare information exchange standards have been complied with software.

Clinical Documentation Storage

You get ready-to-use content libraries, a secure and safe patient database management system that will make the creation of clinical documentation and sharing and reproduction of the same swift and easy.

Superior Interoperability

When you are looking for seamless integration and interoperability solutions with your electronic health and medical records, practice management systems, hospital information systems and laboratories and similar facilities, we have got you covered. All your data management systems including IoT devices will be seamlessly and flawlessly integrated with your system.

High Degree Of Mobility

Zapbuild is known to develop native and cross platform mobile applications and web solutions that can be deployed from absolutely any device that you use. The entire patient gateway, registration, and data access features and all the necessary tools required to use the app will be available across devices regardless of the operating system the end-user uses.

Document Management Tools

You will get fully integrated and efficiently personalized documentation tools that will facilitate digital signatures as well. You will be able to track and document the expiration of medications, completion of treatments, gating processes, registration details, treatment commencement or termination and many other processes with ease.

Third Party Software Integration

The use of third party software programs and applications cannot be avoided when you are trying to create a useful and feature-rich health information exchange solution. We take API integration to the next level and this makes using your app worth the while of your end-user.

User Friendly Interface

We have had a solid experience in designing and implementing interfaces for both private and public platforms. We understand the responses and usage statistics of your end user like no other. Therefore, each of our platforms or systems is absolutely user-friendly and easy to understand.

Multilingual By Nature

Yes, the number of users and health information exchange vendors all across the globe is rising at a rapid speed. A platform limited by language will not be able to compete with the plethora of options that you have in the market at the moment. Therefore, if you want your HIE solution to offer customized services, making it multilingual is the perfect way to go. This will make your software platform capable of ingesting, combining and integrating, processing and disseminating patient health data to the concerned parties regardless of where the user is located.

Catering To Connected Communities

The healthcare industry is constantly transforming. It requires every party such as physicians or doctors, patients and their loved ones, healthcare organizations, insurance providers or all other important stakeholders to come together and contribute to the provision of excellent medical services. A well-designed HIE software is going to provide the right platform for easy discussions, details sharing, discovery of valuable and insightful data, and much more. It will play a critical role in supporting optimal quality of life for everyone.

Making Your Workflow Flexible

Easy to use and understand HIE tools will let you successfully adopt, utilize and share health details through a digitized protocol. You will be able to seamlessly integrate it into your existing workflow and customize it to the needs of your organization. You do not have to redesign your existing workflow or add to the burden of your staff members while doing so.

Cutting Edge Engineering And Architecture

If you are looking for a centralized and/ or hybrid or cloud based HIE software, along with high quality messaging protocols such as MIME, FTP, HISP, HTTP, web based services such as XML, JSON, REST and APIs like JSON-RPC, REST, and SOAP, Zapbuild can make it possible.

Sustainable Health Information Exchange Solution

Our health information exchange solution is going to come with an inbuilt revenue model that will be based upon the organizational objectives you have stated in your vision and mission statement. We don't just deliver value to your customers, but also keep in mind your financial standing and the never-ending responsibility that you have to fulfill by demonstrating a reliable and sustainable business practice. This is going to enhance your profitability significantly.

A robust and well designed health information exchange system is going to contribute heavily to your efficiency. Our HIE software comes with the technical expertise and specifications that are going to enable you to focus on your core competencies and deliver quality outcomes every time.

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