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Home health care is a type of home-based medical care. According to an independent study, America at the moment is experiencing a monumental shift in demographics. Only in the year 2019, people older than the age of 65 years have gradually outnumbered those younger than 5. Diabetes or dementia and several functional impairments have begun to seep in the older generation. These and similar diseases have affected their mobility and ability to derive medical care on a regular basis. There were several points raised at a workshop conducted by the Institute Of Medicine and National Research Council on the "Future Of Home Health Care" in the country.

According to this workshop, it is becoming increasingly important for home-based medical care providers, policymakers, patients, caregivers and all others interested in the healthcare field to come together and adopt this futuristic technology. Their critical roles, capabilities and characteristics are going to define the home health agency of the future. The major driving factor of this change is the aging population of countries such as the US, the UK and many other European nations. According to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, the enrollment in Medicare is expected to grow by more than 50% over the next 15 years. This is the primary driving factor behind the constant growth being recorded in the home healthcare management software sector.

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Home HealthCare Solutions - The Features You Get With Zapbuild

Advanced Technology

Zapbuild will easily help you to replace your outdated methods with latest technology solutions. You will be able to carry out predictive analytics and take more informed and data-driven decisions with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Superb Level Of Mobility

It is all about on-the-go home care systems these days. This means your medical care team and every patient with your hospital or clinic will be able to access real-time schedules, route details, patient data, important forms, billing details, travel tracking and much more.

Cloud Based Solutions

Not only do we provide secure cloud based private duty home care software solutions, but also 100% HIPAA compliant data stores and dissemination procedures. The security and safety of patient data is of utmost importance to us while maintaining total flexibility in app deployment and access.

Real Time Communication

All your agencies, employees, physicians, doctors, patients and their relatives will be able to get a hold of the important patient documents and clinical reports in real time. Establishing a two way communication channel among the parties is going to be very easy.

API Integration

Zapbuild’s industry experts will design and develop a cloud based home care scheduling software platform for long term care that will be equipped with the leading APIs. We will simplify third party integrations all the while staying true to the home care scheduling app or website with a combination of advanced functionalities, flexibility and efficiency.

Job Scheduling Tool

Any home health and care management software is incomplete without an easy to use job scheduling tool. You will get a field staff manager or caregivers window that will juggle all your back office paperwork and also handle service requests along with efficiently tracking multiple assets.

Attendance And Leaves Manager

Yes, isn't it difficult to keep a track of your field staff all the time? You will get an attendance and leave tracking feature with our senior home care solutions that will make your life much easier.

Invoice And Payments

Your medical organization is in this business to make money. We will let you quickly capture and track all your revenue with a reliable financial asset flow tracking feature. You will be able to enhance your profit visibility to sustain and thrive in the industry.

Easy Patient Registration

Simplifying the complex registration process is something that is going to enhance patient involvement. All the admission details, occupancy and transfer information, patient history and renewals will be automated for you.

Inpatient And Outpatient Management

Streamlining both inpatient and outpatient processes is the key to success in the evolving healthcare industry. You will get estimation insights, automated agreements, on point scheduling, payment collection features and even emergency solutions related to all your patients.

Discharge Summary

This is like a conclusive feature that every private duty home care management software should have. Automated discharge summaries are going to speed up the checkout process for patients and simplify several procedures for your staff members as well. This is what defines patient satisfaction and maximizes your resource utilization.

Performance Measurement

You also get advanced reporting capabilities with homecare software solutions from Zapbuild. Application based secure messaging and assessments will help you gather necessary data to perform analysis of all your medical procedures. It will also help you design learning nodules for your entire medical staff when the need arises.

At the end of the day it is all about providing quality medical treatment to your patients and also facilitating interaction among all the team members using your home health and care management solutions. This can only be done when you are efficiently collaborating with everyone using your software, application or website. But you can't do that unless you are certain about your medical or non medical home care software requirements. Zapbuild as home healthcare solutions company is going to help you determine that.

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