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The healthcare software market is growing rapidly. EHRs/PHRs/EMRs are important pillars of this industry. According to several independent studies, we will be expecting massive jumps when it comes to the consumption of medical and healthcare mobile apps in the coming years. All this will be pivoted by digitized personal health records. According to experts, this market will be worth US$11.22 billion by the end of 2025. Mobile medical apps comprise electronic health records, personal health records and electronic medical records that are used interchangeably and also for their inherent specific purposes. These platforms can be deployed on a plethora of devices and they support numerous operating systems as well. Did you know that several studies claim that the users of these portals will be able to save close to US$7 billion every year? That is a staggering figure which will be achieved sooner than you think. Recently we have been witnessing a remarkable upsurge in the adoption of Electronic Personal Health Record Systems. Even the latest biomedical literature adequately describes the potential capabilities and utilities offered by electronic personal health record systems and related platforms. The widespread deployment abilities that they come with have further simplified patient record system adoption.

Now, you will be able to find a lot of personal health record software systems and applications such as Phoenix CTMS, Glucosio, CollaboRhythm, iTrust, Project HealthDesign Common Platform, GNU Gluco Control, Episodus, My Health Portal, Mediboard, Tolven Health Record, Indivo, Emidence XD, eClinicalWorks and PHRaseExpander many more. But the major drawback that they all have in common is their cost. Zapbuild on the other hand offers identical features that all these platforms are capable of providing and many more that can be customized to your business needs

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Numerous Features You Get With PHR Software From Zapbuild

Secure, Reliable And Convenient

Everyone including healthcare providers and patients constantly seek secure, reliable and the most convenient ways to store and share personal healthcare and medical information. We offer a complete personal health record system that is interoperable and also has portability features which are highly relevant in the present time and age.

Adherence To Regulatory Standards

We take pride in our PHR software development process. The strict adherence to regulatory standards that we follow makes integration and implementation of the software easy and fast. The following regulatory standards are always kept in mind while creating a fully customized patient record keeping system for you:

  • Regulations set by the U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services
  • Standards set by the Office Of The National Coordinator - Authorized Testing And Certification Body
  • Hitech Act
  • Meaningful Use Stage 1 And 2 Compliance
  • Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act HIPAA
  • Health Level 7 (HL7)
  • FHIR which is Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources
  • National Council For Prescription Drug Program Standards (NCPDP)
  • Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (CCDA)
  • Continuity Of Care Records
  • Continuity Of Care Documents
  • International Classification Of Diseases 9th And 10th Revisions
  • Physician Quality Reporting System
  • Logical Observation Identifiers Names And Codes
  • Systematized Nomenclature Of Medicine And Codes Clinical Terms and many more.

Cloud And Mobile Implementation

Our PHR application is relevant both for mobile and cloud implementations and enhances interoperability across portable devices.

Data Aggregation And Automated Notifications

Each of our content libraries present in the personal health record software offers simple data aggregation tools. The user also gets automated notifications whenever any library is updated or added or any new content is published.

Patient And Clinical Data Repository

This is a program that is highly customized and useful when it comes to serving different demographics. Patients and doctors are able to save medical histories, medication and treatment timelines, immunization appointments, allergies and related information and treatments, vital signs, guidelines of chronic disease management, diagnosis documentation, visit notes by clinicians, lab results and tests, imaging reports, authorization forms, and consent to release information and much more.

Patient Portal

This is the most useful feature of our patient record information system because it offers a two-way communication between various users. Patients can get in touch with physicians, clinicians, lab technicians, doctors, and specialists depending upon their convenience and as and when they require any assistance with medication or their treatment plans. They can get all their questions answered and doubts cleared by just dropping in a query.

Summarization Modules

Simple documentation and summarization features for every patient. They will be able to create visual and statistical representations of their diseases, diagnosis, prescriptions and medications, treatment and the final outcome and health condition.

Billing Cycle Management

We have developed a fast and modular approach to patient record database management. Our payments feature is going to simplify funds transfer and speed up remuneration of various staff members as well. Every user associated with the phr patient health record system is a part of your revenue cycle management. Patients can keep a track of their treatment and medication costs. You as a healthcare organization can keep track of all your payments and revenues to and from all points.

Efficient Health Information Exchange

A secure health information exchange platform that assists in clinical decision support (CDSS) as well. You get practically a complete virtual medical office that is going to function as a patient information repository.

Easy Revenue Cycle Management

You also get revenue cycle management specific features for insurance eligibility verification, authorization and referrals prior to the treatment, health status tracking, overpayments, remittance advice, health plan payment processing and much more.

Simplifying Custom Telehealth And Telemedicine

The software platform offering from Zapbuild is going to simplify virtual visitations through video conferencing and seamless visual monitoring systems. We make document/image capturing and sharing easy and further simplify claims management by adding useful payment plugins and point of sale modules.

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