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With your first steps towards an all-digital medical organization gathering more speed, you may need a web-based private practice management software system. Several healthcare organizations consider this platform just a medical billing portal or maybe an electronic patient record software. You need to distinguish these from a PMS system which is by nature a more comprehensive product.

A full-fledged and comprehensive platform is what Zapbuild offers you with the help of which you will be able to automate the entire patient journey and improve your profitability as well. The hospital management tool that we develop or design is not something that you have seen in the market before. It is a one-stop solution to manage practically every facet of your practice. If you do not wish to be one of the several hospitals or health care organizations that stand to lose 15% of their average revenues every year, it is advised to invest in a robust and reliable solution right away.

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Practice Management Software Solutions From Zapbuild – The Features That Make Them Unique

Insurance Cover Validation

You will get a reliable platform that will let your physicians confirm the status of the insurance of the patient before the medical services are even commenced. This will let you document the details of the patient along with their financial soundness and real-time insurance eligibility as well that are necessary to gain pre-approval from insurance companies and related third parties before the medical procedure can begin.

Compliance And Regulations

If you are looking for a top-tier practice management accounting software, we have the right offering for you. The custom designed and developed platform will be compliant with the most critical and essential regulations such as HIPAA, EMTALA, CLIA, OSHA and more. You will get automated alerts in case of any detected vulnerabilities. Importing physician signatures, monitoring digital security capabilities and enabling electronic signatures for patients without risking any online frauds and maintaining superlative medical practices is what we deliver through our the best medical practice management systems for doctors.

Comprehensive Treatment Scheduling

The scheduling capabilities are unrivaled. You don't just get a basic overview of your calendar but also specific features such as easy drag-and-drop, color-coded views, expiration date of treatment, to name a few.

Easy And Fast Patient Registration

Any cloud based practice management software for dentists, veterinary, physiotherapy, orthodontic, psychologist, optometry, caretaker, plastic surgeons, psychiatrist, ophthalmology, psychotherapy, chiropractic, audiology or other clinics is incomplete without this feature. This will make the process automated and fast to track patient information. You can record their medical history, demographic information, payment information, insurance and other details of the patients seamlessly and without any delays.

Inventory Control Feature

Don't you think that tracking the DME, managing pharmaceutical samples, taking care of barcode scanning equipment, tracking supplies and inventory across your facility is a tiring task? We provide you the solutions that help you monitor your entire inventory cycle, enable automated reorder notifications, and even analyze your use patterns so that you can minimize waste and maximize the profitability of your healthcare organization.

Personalized Patient Portal

You can now provide your patients with complete control over their critical health data and records. They will be able to take care of their billing cycle, Appointments, treatment scheduling, insurance details and organize all their data with simple tools. This personalized patient portal is going to let them access their information, details of medications, immunizations, recent visits and pending treatments with just a few taps and clicks.

Easy Integration With Your EHR Software

Easily integrate your electronic health records software. You will be able to conduct your practice with a single interface to optimize productivity of your healthcare organization. This will let you transform the operational, financial and clinical aspects of your practice.

24/7 Customer Support

We at Zapbuild take pride in providing our clients with constant customer support and troubleshooting services. This PMS patient tracking software is going to make your life easier and the technical support that you get from us will help you overcome all bottlenecks that you have to struggle with when trying to realize your organizational objectives.

100% Secure Messaging

Your patients will be able to communicate directly with the healthcare provider. Their private one-on-one chats are going to be encrypted from both ends. This will allow them to ask the most critical questions without the fear of ever losing any details or misplacing any information regardless of the device or operating system they use.

Customization And User-Friendliness

Zapbuild believes in a plethora of built-in flexibilities and features that allow you to customize the practice management application or website to your liking. Moreover, we only consider ourselves successful in design and development of the right platform for medical or healthcare practices if we can guarantee the highest degree of user-friendliness.

Clinical Billing And Collections Feature

You will be able to manage all your revenue streams without any hassle or resorting to paper records. With ICD 10 compliance, proper coding capabilities and a high level of customization, we deliver the right web based medical billing software for small practices that automates claims submissions, creates accurate billing statements, provides customization tools for each of your departments and even gives you the necessary tools to speed up billing and collections operations across your organization.

These are just a few features that we have thrown light upon right now. You get these and plenty more with Zapbuild . To be able to understand your needs, you need to assess the level of digitization and automation you seek to bring about in your organization. For that you can trust Zapbuild any time. Connect with our teams today for more information.

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