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According to an independent study, the focus in the healthcare industry is gradually shifting to virtual, value-based, remote yet efficient patient-centric care. The diverse problems that the majority of the population is facing can only be solved by employing an efficient and digitally equipped workforce. We can see how new devices and advancement in technology is making a substantial impact in this specific area. For example, today many healthcare organizations are making use of data sensors to help detect issues in prosthetic knee joints which is helping them summaries the bilateral force distribution in the artificial limb. It has helped experts understand pressure patterns across the lower extremity. The quality of medical care is going to improve further with similar technological advancements in the future and right at the forefront of this technological change is going to be IoT based remote patient monitoring device.

Challenges: The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth:

  • Physicians and Caregivers
  • Premium on Insurance
  • Pathology Tests
  • Training and Development
  • Violence at Hospitals
  • Hospitalization Cost
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Solution - Remote Patient Monitoring Systems

Instant Communication Capabilities

When it comes to providing convenience to both the patient and the physician, nothing can beat the improved algorithms of our RPM solutions. You can shift to a more automated system of scheduling appointments, following up on treatments and sharing critical diagnosis information and reports without reducing doctor patient face time.

Continuous Tracking Tools

Custom designed tools will be easy to use to maintain the timeliness of medical interventions. IoT healthcare can maximize recovery chances by continuous tracking of more serious and time-critical medical events.

Safety And Security Of Critical Patient Data

You get easy accessibility to content and media stores in your telehealth monitoring system. With user specific authentication and verification, accessing medical data, such as electronic health records and critical information, can be controlled. We provide sophisticated network protection protocols that will be upgraded on a regular basis in accordance with HIPAA requirements.

Enhanced Mobility

The ability to launch and deploy the remote patient monitoring applications or systems from absolutely anywhere using any device is going to grant complete freedom to the user. This helps improve patient satisfaction and maintains the interactivity of the application on the go.

Live Video And Audio Streaming

The physicians will be able to monitor patients at home using this live audio-video streaming module. Getting information regarding their vitals is going to be easy as well.

Vital Health Indicators Via Smart Devices

The physician can monitor the vital health indicators of the patients by using smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and other variables as well. They will be able to set intelligent emergency notifications on the same devices to keep the patient and their family alert about the various aspects of care such as their treatments, tests, reports, change in medication and the like.

Medical Data Analytics

The charts and important statistics collected from various remote healthcare monitoring devices can be easily accumulated at one spot for unhindered analysis and assessment. The app is also going to facilitate easy and quick diagram visualization based on the data collected.

Preventing Hardware Faults

The same hospital patient monitoring system is going to let users monitor the device operation for faults as well. This is going to prevent any malfunctions with the software and hardware from a remote location. In case any hardware/software is found to be malfunctioning, emergency and important notifications can be transferred to other linked devices.

Remote Device Configuration And Updates

You also get efficient remote control and timely device configuration settings on all of your devices. We will also roll out timely and relevant remote software/firmware upgrades and security patches to keep your application up and running at all times.

Smart Patient Console

All the patients connected with this platform will be able to track their treatment and its progress, communicate with clinicians worldwide, access real-time staff location to know their availability and switch to alternative physicians if the need arises and much more.

Automatic Drug Delivery System

An internet of things enabled platform can easily automated drug delivery systems even to the most critical of patients. It can also guide the patient and their family to maintain a specific environment in their home such as temperature, pressure, noise and humidity and the like to enhance patient comfort.

Medical Asset Management

This feature is going to help hospital staff members and healthcare organizations a lot by enabling them to quickly locate important equipment, ensure its availability, track its maintenance status and the location of the physician required to use the equipment and also maintain transparency of the entire purchasing process and much more.

Remote Patient Monitoring Wearables

RPM wearables work by transmitting important data from the patient to the doctor. Investing in reliable, effective and easily accessible medical grade wearable technology is gradually becoming a norm. Hospitals and medical professionals are increasingly adopting this technology and have begun to take advantage of it as time is passing by. What comes under our forte is data access and data quality which is going to be superlative and seamless regardless of the wearable technology you have invested in.

Understanding the internet of things and its expanding role in the healthcare industry is critical.Digitization of healthcare is inevitable. But what can be done to make it easy on you is associating with Zapbuild. Also, we take care of all the necessary compliance regulations and standards as well that many other remote patient monitoring companies tend to forego.

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