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Every successful business knows how crucial it is to keep the skills and knowledge of their employees up-to-date. They also know how cumbersome and costly it is to train and develop the skills of their workforce. Are you still teaching your employees the old-fashioned way? Smart businesses use technology to make all of their business processes more efficient and less costly - including employee training management. At present, nearly 50% of the most profitable companies worldwide use online learning and training management systems. The modern day corporate training software systems are eliminating the traditional way of teaching and training employees across various verticals and across distributed locations. They keep the skill development smoother and more effective and offer a wide range of learning and assessment tools that are both practical and result-oriented. Evaluation tools help to constantly test their knowledge, capabilities, competencies, and personality development.

At Zapbuild, we first understand the employee training management needs of your organization and then deliver a web and mobile application based solution that’s a perfect fit to your business processes. Find out how you can turn your employee training and learning management into a successful venture.

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Features To Ask For In Your Corporate Training Software

To make the most of the Corporate LMS that you get from us, we recommend you form an in-house committee to determine your primary requirements from a training management system. This will help you narrow down the features that best suit your training software needs. Let us help you get started with some important

User Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface of a software application ensures that all information is easily accessible, all user actions are intuitive, and it can be used across different types of devices. Therefore, if you want your learners to find and access training materials easily with just a few taps and swipes, and not miss any important piece of information, a friendly user interface is an absolute necessity.

Deployable On Mobile Devices

More often than not, you will find that your employees are busy and so if your corporate learning software is not deployable and scalable across various mobile devices, it will get difficult for many of them to complete their training on time. A mobile friendly LMS makes it very easy for them to carry on with their learning courses and complete their training according to your organizational needs.

Easy Learning Path

You will get easy to understand learning paths in your corporate training management system. We understand your overall training goals and therefore, continuously engage your learners and keep them motivated by constantly adding easier and more interactive ways to imbibe knowledge. All the courses will be interlinked together to form an overall training goal that will help you track their progress easily and accurately.


Gamifying your enterprise learning management system is going to be very useful for you. When you add a competing spirit to a training course - with badges, points, levels, and labels - you can make the entire learning far more effective. Learners/employees can be allowed to set their own goals, milestones, and targets. Transforming the entire training experience are the right gamification features that you get with Zapbuild.

Social Learning

The social learning feature that you can get developed from Zapbuild is going to eliminate the problem of learner isolation that many corporate e-learning solutions have in the market. The LMS that we develop for you can be a community-driven platform wherein there will be live and multi-channel discussions on the most appropriate and relevant topics that are important to your learners. They get to engage with their trainers and mentors and also get to share ideas, opinions and case studies to better understand the course material at hand.

Multimedia Support

Multimedia course content is nothing new but adding this feature into the course material mix of your learning management software is going to deliver a dynamic learning experience. The impact of imagery, videos and audios is much more significant than just text. According to an independent study, audio-visuals get processed by our brain 60,000 times faster than text. So yes, this feature is a total win-win for you.

Online Assessment

Your employee training program is incomplete without a progress assessment tool. All your employees, trainees, candidates, new entrants, and veteran managers can be assessed and their progress can be analyzed and monitored remotely by the relevant departmental heads or you. The results of their progress can be generated online on a common portal with the help of an inbuilt training tracker for employees. These results can be accessed by every authorized user from any location.

Compliance Management

There are several regions, cities, states and countries where any corporate training software system would have to comply with several rules and guidelines including federal, state and local certification requirements. The training LMS we develop for you will take that into consideration and deliver you seamless and uninterrupted training features.

Custom Notifications

Custom notifications are going to help your users a lot to stay informed. They are the first interaction your users will have with your corporate LMS (learning management software) on a regular basis. They can tell them about their course due dates and details, course completion and update, progress updates, notifications sent by their trainers/managers, and much more. Your software will have automated reminder notifications for every single user.

Secure, Fast Sign On

Isn't it the best scenario when your employee training management/LMS training program allows your employees a similar level of authentication process as your enterprise systems do? The cloud-hosted training management software we develop for you will be a safe entity with proper authorization and authentication.


By making a reliable and robust e-learning platform a part of your organization and its learning culture, you can create a unique identity for your brand among your employees. This develops a strong affinity and loyalty among them towards your brand.

Feedback Feature

This feature is probably the most powerful tool that gives the freedom to all your users to provide insights to you that will help you improve your learning management system. You can easily identify its strengths and weaknesses and incorporate the required changes in the coming training modules.

You know your business but you might be confused about automation of your employee training programs. We are here to simplify that process for you. Get in touch with us right now to understand more about how you can make employee training and development more effective.

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