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Educational institutions are moving beyond the traditional model of education. Achieving business objectives for schools, colleges, or academic institutions of any size becomes easier by employing technology that enables them to deliver education in a more effective manner. A learning management software implemented as a cloud-hosted, web and mobile app based system allows students, teachers, trainers, instructors, and even stakeholders and upper management to collaborate and achieve their vision. The e-learning apps of today don’t just help in delivering education and teaching the students but can be expanded to full-fledged software that can help you manage all aspects of your education business. Over a period of time, we have seen online course management systems evolve with enhanced security, highly customizable user interfaces, better course content management, improved learning by students, effective assessment and grading, quicker deployment, more scalability, and lower costs as well. These are just a few aspects of the modern-day education management system that make it even more worthwhile and efficient when it comes to increasing the quality of education delivered.

A wide range of learning management systems in education have been successfully adopted across various institutions and organizations in the world. Whether you want an education app to serve a niche purpose or a full-fledged education management system, the applications of e-learning software are only limited by your imagination. Find out how you can get a learning management system that can turn your education business into a profitable venture.

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State Of The Art Education LMS From Zapbuild Offers The Following Features

Course Authoring And Management

The LMS that Zapbuild develops for you is going to have a strong structure with a well thought out hierarchy for proper course authoring and fast management to enable quick access for all users regardless of the discipline they pick. Teachers can manage the teaching material more effectively and choose which material to share with students, when, and through which medium.

Easy User Interface

The ideal LMS is always going to ensure a fast and easy to use interface with simple course indexing and every minimalistic yet eye-pleasing design and color palettes. The education app will deliver intuitive user-experience across different devices.

Interactive And Engaging

You can get an interactive and engaging mobile and web-based application designed that is going to present learning materials in the most interesting fashion which will comprise images, videos, quizzes, presentations, and contests among users.

Degree Of Learner Engagement

Every teacher using your education LMS will become a part of student activity and their progress, and it will enable them to assess the performance level of all the students and determine their degree of engagement with the course materials being provided by you.

Gamify The Learning

We can't really avoid the fact that gamification has become very essential when it comes to imparting knowledge to our students because this is what encourages a competitive nature among all users and motivates them to improve with renewed enthusiasm.

Learning Made Collaborative And Social

When we talk about the lack of feedback in the traditional classroom, a social and collaborative model of an education LMS can effectively do away with it with its ability to enable the students to participate in engaging discussions. With video conferences, online whiteboards, chatting features, and sharing their achievements on social platforms, a greater learning association is created with their peers and teachers.

Fusion Of Traditional And Modern

When it comes to imparting soft skills and conveying important theoretical concepts, an ideal online education management system should offer a feature that can bring traditional classroom learning in conjunction with modern-day e-learning through video recording, live streaming, and regular feedback from instructors. The LMS that Zapbuild develops for you can include all of these features to make e-learning an effective experience for students as well as teachers.

Personalized Dashboards

Easily customizable dashboards for both students and teachers will let them assess their progress and also organize courses and classes according to their convenience, keep track of their assignments and quizzes and also stay up to date with the latest content uploads and modifications through personalized notifications

Quick Results

All the users of the LMS app will be able to view, assess, and store the results of all the assessment tests and quizzes the students have taken over a period of time. It will make for easier comparisons and progress reporting.

Simplify Course Schedules

The personalized dashboard will also let the user simplify, synchronize, organize and prioritize their course schedules, classes, on-the-go lectures, and peer group discussions as per their convenience.

Optimize Faculty Rooms And Equipment

You can even enable your teachers and faculty members to identify and align courses using their own faculty rooms and in-house equipment and facilities in conjunction with your LMS. They can keep a track of the learning progress of the students, their activities and assessments, and learning outcomes using your present infrastructures and resources.

Payment and Billing Module

Easy login and payment transfer features will make enrollment into any class and discipline even easier and faster for the students. With a safe, secure, and protected payment module, you can generate more trust in your users. You can effectively manage all payments and either get billing, invoicing, and accounting features in-built or integrated with a third-party application.

Teacher And Parent Communication

A personalized login functionality for the parents of the ward will enable them to stay connected with the teachers, instructors, and other mentors of the education institution to constantly stay updated on the progress of their child. They will get useful push notifications and other news and updates about events and the like that affect the academic and personal growth of their child.

Reporting And Analytics

The most important for any business is gaining critical business insights through clear and concise reports. You can get the feature that generates reports customized to your business needs.

Bottom line is that the e-learning applications of today don’t just help in delivering education and teaching the students but can be expanded to full-fledged learning management software that can help you manage all aspects of your education business.

You know your education business but you may be confused about technology adoption or digital enablement for your educational institution. We are here to simplify that process for you. Get in touch with us right now for more information on how to get a personalized and highly profitable LMS for your educational institution.

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