Digitizes Your Way To Efficiency - Manage Your Society Matters Through An Online Housing Society Management Software

Reliable and Hassle-free Housing Society Management Software

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With the increasing sizes and the rising number of facilities that residents seek, managing the societies has become a very huge responsibility. A strong and reliable housing management software is needed to efficiently cater to all the aspects related to their smooth functioning. Managing billing, accounts, maintenance, complaints, events with the help of an online platform is bound to save time and reduce the stress of the whole committee and its residents. A residential property management software also functions as a rental property website for landlords and competently automates all the systems, reduces the workload of the community association members, and also improves their efficiency. The level of expertise that HOA management software brings to the table further motivates the homeowner’s association committee members to constantly work for the betterment of the residential complex.

Easy-to-use and self managed housing society management application also enables all the members, whether they are new or old, to constantly participate in the society activities and stay updated on the latest events and developments as well. Through future-safe technology, secure data storage, and end-to-end encrypted cloud services a custom-developed cooperative housing society website help you manage all the daily chores.

Society Management Software creative

Outstanding Features Of Society & Apartment Management Software

Easy Billing & Accounting

  • You get 100% automated billing & collections feature
  • Automatically raise maintenance dues every month for the purpose of apartment rental, leasing, maintenance, etc.
  • Helps you in asset & property and income/expense tracking
  • Simplifies budget planning, generating balance sheet and profit & loss statements and much more

Society Helpdesk

  • Online society help desk comes with a fully-functional admin console
  • Professionally process complaints, requests and suggestions
  • Keep track of all member details along with the ability to broadcast SMS/email
  • Generate reports easily and regularly

Vehicle Sentry Feature

  • You get the most advanced visitor and resident vehicle movement tracking system
  • Keep track of your vehicles regardless of the distance travelled
  • Get regular alerts whenever your car/bike/van moves in/out of the building complex
  • You will be able to "smart lock" your vehicle using your phone
  • Receive alerts and audio-visual clues for extra security measures

24/7 Communication With An Apartment Management App

  • Get a private social network for your society members
  • Post all your housing society’s content, images, news and developments
  • Publish articles and newsletters for management of events
  • Spread awareness about monthly discussions and meets and any upcoming events, surveys and polls
  • Get updates with regards to their security and safety in general and much more!

Due Collection & Management

  • This also functions as an accounting web application
  • Simplify society maintenance and automate due collection with zero convenience charges
  • Faster penalty calculation facilitated by virtual account based due collection solutions
  • Zero manual reconciliation
  • Nil setup cost
  • 100% peace of mind

Facility Management

  • Manage your maintenance staff
  • Keep track of every unit of inventory in your building complex
  • Easily set up and organize items like fuel, water, lights and fixtures and other items of regular consumption
  • Get a single view feature for all assets owned by the residential complex, their attributes and their service history

Gatekeeper/Apartment Security Management

  • Simplify parking lot and gatekeeper responsibilities
  • Automate staff attendance and gate pass management
  • Ad-hoc visitor tracking, visitor management
  • Pre-authorized guests reporting and guard patrol tracking

Tanker Management

  • Control all your tanker expenditure
  • Manage requests for quotation and monitor and optimize all related expenditures
  • Your admin login from the app dashboard lets you access cost trends analysis from across suppliers

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