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72nd Independence Day Celebrations 14Aug, 2018

72nd Independence Day Celebrations

India was decked up in all its glory to celebrate its 72nd Independence Day with great zeal and fervour. Just a mention of this special day saturates our minds and souls with great self-esteem and patriotic exhilaration.

Dressed in the hues of our National Flag, Zapiens, in all the excitement and anticipation gathered to see what the celebrations had in store for them, and there was actually so much to look forward to. The celebrations started with a heart touching and soul stirring poetry performance which left the hearts of every Zapien throbbing with a feeling of patriotism and oneness.

The singing performances ignited in us the feelings of love for our nation once again, commemorating the freedom fighters who made it possible for the nation and its citizens to breathe in the air, free from the mighty British rule.

The most exciting part was the boost up session which tested our knowledge about the Indian freedom struggle and brought back many academic memories. It was a great feeling being together to celebrate this special day, rejoicing the freedom and remembering those who sacrificed their lives to win it for us.

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