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A Grand Welcome to 2018 30Dec, 2017

A Grand Welcome to 2018

Zapbuild had a great end to the year 2017 and a rocking beginning to 2018 because when it’s party time, Zapien’s love to party hard. There couldn’t have been a better way to welcome the new year than having a fun-filled evening with the Zapbuild family and making memories which will always be a timeless treasure of the heart.


Each one of us felt the excitement building up. From finalizing the best outfits to buying the matching footwear, everybody wanted to ace the perfect look for the big evening. And when the much awaited day finally arrived, dressed in their best attires, exuding so much glamour and style, Zapiens gathered at Junkyard Lounge, Zirakpur.

The celebrations began with the very cheerful anchors, Manish Chopra and Ankita taking up the stage. They were an instant hit among the audience. What followed next were the amazing dance performances that urged everyone to sway to the beats of the music. Such was the energy of the performers that the Zapiens were all charged for having a blast ahead.


The cake cutting ceremony brought us together in embracing the new year, that was at the doorstep. The beautiful memories of the wonderful and joyous evening spent at “The Party of the Year” included binging on delicious food and drinks and dancing around crazily like no one’s watching. Each moment was a moment of utter bliss and contentment. With such lovely people around, each one of us had a wonderful time that touched our hearts in the most special way. Recollecting the memories of the evening, we realise that we lived those moments that are hard to put into words.

At Zapbuild, we have been blessed with days that are hard to forget. Each day that is spent rejoicing together brings us closer and transforms us into a well-knit family, celebrating work and life standing next to each other always.

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