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An Amazing Trip to Parkwoods, Shoghi 13May, 2018

An Amazing Trip to Parkwoods, Shoghi

Life is meant to be with good friends having great adventure. Zapiens recently enjoyed one of the best adventure trips to Parkwoods, Shoghi. It was two days of wonderful fun activities, a crazy bonfire night and above all, the happiness of being together amidst a beautiful backdrop. The warmth of the radiance of the Sun amalgamating with the coldness of the surroundings was nothing short of a heavenly experience.

Staying in the tents amidst the quaint ambience of the nature gave us a perfect whiff of adventure. What amused each one of us the most was the fun activities, like – Burma Bridge, Parallel Ropes, Cat Walk, Commando Net, Tyre Web, Tree Bridge, Rope Ladder and so many other sports activities. These activities were enjoyed so much by all and gave us the memories that will be cherished forever.

In the evening, we sang and danced together by the bonfire and every moment felt like a timeless blessing. The morning was a beautiful one. The azure sky, the sunrays filtering through the pines and the chirping of the birds was a breathtaking treat for the eyes as well as the mind.

Enjoying the nature at its most pristine, it was difficult to leave that paradise behind and head back. But we recollected all the memories of the beautiful place and came back with a desire of going back together to another mesmerizing destination the next time.

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