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Zap of Enthusiasm To Build Proto-Happiness 07Jul, 2016

Zap of Enthusiasm To Build Proto-Happiness

The meaning of Office has been changed by Zapbuild to fun and work, following ‘Work is Worship’ mantra with the touch of enjoyment. It’s a box filled with surprises from exciting morning activities to monthly meets. Yet another much awaited monthly meet came to meet us creating new memories in pictures and our hearts. We Zapiens are born IT magicians creating a culture of work hard and play hard to make mind fresh and mastered the skill of extracting maximum from the governing body of the human ‘brain’ , which needs much attention and care by a visit to wonderland to freshened up to work efficiently. Zapiens also feel proud by making others envy of our traditions and amusement. Co-worker…

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Monthly Meet: September 2015 26Oct, 2015

Monthly Meet: September 2015

What is synonymous with IT companies? Stretched working hours, challenging projects, stressful client calls, unavoided deadlines and well suited tech army trying to explore something new every day. All these parameters just express the feeling of stress and tensions which is undoubtedly harmful to the growth of any organization. The office should not be the place where employees should work like slaves. There should be so much more to a work system that encourages employees to look forward to attend the office and work with happiness. Workers should in fact have a difficult time leaving their office because they enjoy the culture, challenges, and the atmosphere. Zapbuild is all about the amazing opportunities and great culture. Monthly Meets are just…

May Melodies 23Jun, 2015

May Melodies

True moments are those that are cherished with your loved ones. For us, happiness is getting together as a family, exchanging laughs and having fun. These magical hours give us memories of the lifetime. Monthly Meet: May came after a long wait of two months. This was the first time we experienced such a gap. This wait made us realize, how desperately we wanted to experience this feeling again. No one can forget that constant poking to know the date of celebrations and merriment. Finally, the crowd got some relief in the month of May with a powerful dose of hilarious fun games and exciting activities. Life embraced us again and the dullness in the work labs soon faded away…

Monthly Meet: January 2015 23Feb, 2015

Monthly Meet: January 2015

The first month of the New Year went really well. We welcomed the year 2015 with high spirits and grand celebrations. The new beginnings were set to fill our lives with energy and excitement. Keeping the tradition alive, we all gathered for the monthly event which has always given us some incredible moments to cherish. This monthly meeting, we decided to challenge our physical strength. Oh, don’t take that another way, we are talking about some physical and strength exercises packed with fun and enthusiasm. Take a glimpse of the rib tickling games on our social media pages, and stay tuned for more fun this season. Life is awesome pics @ our facebook fan page

Monthly Meet: October 17Nov, 2014

Monthly Meet: October

Playing non stop in the scorching sun or on rainy days, or eating chocolates without worrying about the calories. There are many other sweet memories which remind us of our childhood. On the Childrens’ day, we at Zapbuild lived those moments again. We laughed like no one saw us, played like there is no tomorrow, relished Lolly pops like kids, and most of all enjoyed like never before. The day left behind the joyousness in the room of Zapbuild, and some dazzling smiles on the faces. Well, that’s what we need. Poke the child within you, and keep waking it up after a regular intervals. Happy Children’s Day pics @ our facebook fan page