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Social Good Works

Blanket Donation: Spreading Warmth 18Feb, 2016

Blanket Donation: Spreading Warmth

A little consideration, a little thought for others makes all the difference because no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted. At Zapbuild, we believe in doing our best to help others and this winter we tried to give smiles to people. We know there are many homeless people feeling cold this winter. So we made a modest effort of donating blankets it was our little act of kindness where we helped the needy stay warm this winter. Pics @ Our Facebook fan page

Bring A Life Back To Power- Donate Blood 01Oct, 2015

Bring A Life Back To Power- Donate Blood

Blood is our elixir of life. Searches are made daily to find blood for patients who are in critical conditions. Blood indeed is something special and at Zapbuild we understand that. In another blood donation camp by Can and Will & CATS like every time all the Zapiens rolled their sleeves up and went ahead to donate blood. We believe that our little efforts can go a along way and save a life. A single blood donation can save up to 3 lives and with every donation we are making a difference in our community by helping others. If you are a blood donor, you are a hero who has saved a life somewhere. Blood is essential for life and…

The Superheroes 23Jun, 2015

The Superheroes

Another blood donation camp by CAN n Will & CATS just happened and how. It is wonderful to see our partners doing such commendable work always. Zabuild too feels proud to surpass the previous record of donating 26 units of blood. This time our superheroes managed to donate 30 units blood at the Rotary Club. Blood Donation is a service to Humankind. You too can help a needy and save a precious life with your contribution. There are millions of blood donors in the world, but unfortunately so many countries are still facing challenges to meet the needs of the patients. Let’s make our citizens more aware with this thought that a life may depend on a gesture from you….

The Relief Convoys 06May, 2015

The Relief Convoys

In the wake of a devastating earthquake in Nepal, we in association with Can & Will foundation (Social Partners) and ( Media Partners) have started a relief campaign in the Tri- City. The hardest hit areas of Nepal are still under trauma. Natives of the quake affected country are struggling for the basic amenities. Thousands of people were rendered homeless with entire villages flattened, across many districts of the country. In this dark hour, our neighbors need our support. The relief campaign is an initiative to contribute our bit to this noble cause. We are sending our love in the form of donations, you can share it too. Join the drive and prove that humanity still exists. Join event…

Blood Donation 2015 23Feb, 2015

Blood Donation 2015

To give blood you neither need extra strength nor any extra food, and you save a LIFE! Over 1900 units of blood donated in 7.5yrs through 20 blood donation camps. Over 552 congenitally unfit hearts mended of poor children. Over 26 cancer patients in PGI supported through their most critical and expensive treatment. Over 100 units of blood has been donated by the employees of Zapbuild Technologies Pvt. Ltd and 14 Zapbuild employees have become MASTER donors. Each unit of blood that has been donated by our team, has given a gift of life to a patient struggling against medical odds. pics @ our facebook fan page