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CATS 26th Blood Donation Camp 30Sep, 2016

CATS 26th Blood Donation Camp

Mahatma Gandhi always believed in the strength of youth and their catalytic role in social transformation. What if the difference was that between life and death, the only thing standing in the way is a few units of your blood? The magnitude of service returned to the society by donating blood is paramount, and who else can carry out such a massive deed other than the youth of India!


Needless to say, a bunch of zap-energetic staff from Zapbuild Technologies were amongst the ones who actively participated in the 26th Blood donation camp held by CATS, another organisation of like-minded samaritans who felt the need to make its mark in the society through its selfless deeds. The morning of Friday, 30th September, 2016 was like nothing before, bustling with energy at the Rotary Blood Bank, Sector 37, Chandigarh. The overwhelming positive energy of the Zapbuild family, who through consistent efforts, helped donate more than 18 units of blood. Not only did they take time off their schedule to contribute to their fullest this year, the Zapbuild family emerged with infectious enthusiasm, encouraging friends and family to join in.

Their engagement in the ‘olympics’ themed donation camps, a creation of CATS, turned out to be a fun-filled day for all the participants, even those who were little apprehensive at first. Supreet Dhiman, the founder of CATS urged people to start donating early in life, giving an inspirational example of a donor who has relentlessly donated 157 times over years. Our Zapiens are not far behind. With men and women alike, we have donors who turn up regularly, each time with a sense of duty of giving back to the society. With some experienced members of Zapbuild family, there was an inevitable aura of jubilant enthusiasm and unwavering courage around the camp so that people with needle phobia stepped up and set to make a mark on their own, braving their fears for the cause of saving lives.


Profession doesn’t matter, nor does any other factor, and we are all equals here; we are all of one heart. With little to lose, blood donations can mean the return of a loved one for some, or the betterment of a child’s life for others. In our growing population, the need only increases. Before we end this post, just a few pointers for those of you who might be a bit worried (or do not know where to start) about blood donations.

Providing your blood to blood banks is completely safe, and you can carry on with your life in a few hours. It is advised to have at least three months between consecutive donations. The process is very simple and hassle free, and you also get a free blood-test done (for any potent pathogens) while you are at it. Since the entire procedure is supervised by trained professionals, the entire procedure of blood donations is safe and easy. So shed the fear, and visit the next blood donation drive in your neighbourhood.

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