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Registration of Zapbuild Technologies Private Limited 21Jul, 2010

Registration of Zapbuild Technologies Private Limited

A small get together was organized by the management to declare the registration of our organization as Zapbuild Technologies Private Limited. Celebrations were done with a pizza party, to rejoice this long awaited achievement. A speech was delivered by Mr. Sumeet Soni on successful registration process and other achievements by the company, discussing the future plans and encouraging employee-engagement activities.

Presentation on cakePHP 10Jun, 2010

Presentation on cakePHP

As lot of new joinee’s have entered W3S family, in order to guide them and to strengthen their basics, a presentation on cakePHP was prepared by the seniors. It gives details of the importance and practice of cakePHP, an open source web application framework for producing web applications. This has helped them in enhancing the awareness and concepts for this new technology well.

Slogan Quiz 30May, 2010

Slogan Quiz

To eliminate the monotony of the daily routine in workplace, today’s employee recreational activity is a Slogan quiz. Quiz! , yes a fun informative quiz with slogans of different brands and companies, their products range and logos in varied language. Reminding everyone of the daily television advertisements we watch and various stars and persons related, it set all ears to sheer entertainment in our daily life. All the employees of W3S participated actively, in full spirit to make there team win. For the entire time there were questions, confusions revolving in everyone’s mind as “Ah! Have heard about this often” or Oh! “This was so simple”, also “Oh, Was this the answer!”. It acted as a source of enjoyment along…

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Seminar on AJAX 04May, 2010

Seminar on AJAX

Today’s session was to increase knowledge database of all the developers, to enhance theirs work quality and further to create interactive web applications. Our senior software developer Mr. Ramandeep Singh gave a seminar on one of the latest technology AJAX (shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), its practice, importance and its consequence in end product. Thus, making it easy for the developers to understand the usage of AJAX techniques led to an increase in interactive or dynamic interfaces on web pages.

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Universal Quiz 27Oct, 2009

Universal Quiz

Today, that W3Syntactic team enjoyed a quiz based on universal facts related to history, geography and science. The quiz enclosed variety of difficulties to excite the participants and to find their strong concern by facing queries in different areas. The quiz turned to be an amusing creative session to add on to everyone’s confidence level.

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Diwali Celebrations 15Oct, 2009

Diwali Celebrations

As all know that Diwali is the most widely celebrated festival of India, so how could the W3Syntactic team excuse this happening. We exploited the moment with a fun activity to cheer each other before leaving for Diwali holidays. We made two teams and competed against each other in a paper dress competition. Every team was given a newspaper, stapler and scissors, and they were told to think up a theme to work upon. One member of each team was supposed to act as dummy and rest of the members would then dress up the dummy member as per the theme chosen by their team. Sunil and Dinesh were the dummies who finally appeared as a “King” and “Chef”, respectively,…