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8 Speeches of Grammar 02Sep, 2009

8 Speeches of Grammar

Everyone recently recalled their school days by attending an English Grammar session organized by the management to improve the basics of English. Information was delivered as a PowerPoint presentation ending up with the handouts to revise the session later on. The team was extremely contented by the session and realized the usefulness in aspect of improvement in day-to-day conversation along with improvements in written skills.

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YSlow Presentation 23Jul, 2009

YSlow Presentation

W3Syntactic team believes in the sharing knowledge to experience the pleasure of team victory. One of our team members, Mr. Deepak Saini, who was very well aware of the term “YSlow”, prepared an informative presentation to awake the team members about the advantages of using Yahoo web tool named YSlow.

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JavaScript Presentation 14Jul, 2009

JavaScript Presentation

One of our team members, Mr. Ramandeep Singh, delivered a knowledgeable presentation based on JavaScript “$” sign. He discussed about where and how to use the dollar sign in order to advance and to ease the development skills. The session was admired by all the members of the development team as they got more confident about the usage of “$” sign in JQuery and Prototype.

PHP Quiz 03Jul, 2009

PHP Quiz

This day turned to be full of productive fun in W3Syntactic. Everyone managed to spare 45 minutes out of their busy schedule to compete one another’s technical skills by participating in the PHP Quiz organized by the company within the premises. The quiz spanned around the basics of PHP used in day-to-day work; we made two teams to compete against one another and enjoyed the quiz. It proved to be a great session of evoking the untouched but obligatory areas.

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Recession Lessons 04Jun, 2009

Recession Lessons

Everyone has been impacted by the current economic recession in one way or another. Today, we could not resist to converse about the topic, so Mz. Aarti Rana took a step ahead and got everyone together to share her views in context to recession and its impacts. The knowledge was transferred through a vocal discussion related to the history and origin of recession and the current status, time span required to recover (as per the regular affair) and much more. Discussion also covered the last recession era the world had gone through.

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