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Fun @ Work : Rocking Mid-Year Celebration 20Sep, 2016

Fun @ Work : Rocking Mid-Year Celebration

A Corporate Mid-Year Party is a great way to celebrate the first half of the year’s successes. It also provides a great opportunity to encourage employee connections and recognise their good work and the efforts of the team members, as well as, to promote team building. At Zapbuild Technologies, we have always lived by the credo “Work Hard, Party Harder !!” and to this end we celebrate every month during the Monthly Parties. The idea and intent behind these is to provide an opportunity to de-stress and connect with their colleagues However, special occasions calls for special events to commemorate our success stories. This philosophy was evident in plenty as we celebrated the achievements of the Mid-Year gone by, and…

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Zap of Enthusiasm To Build Proto-Happiness 07Jul, 2016

Zap of Enthusiasm To Build Proto-Happiness

The meaning of Office has been changed by Zapbuild to fun and work, following ‘Work is Worship’ mantra with the touch of enjoyment. It’s a box filled with surprises from exciting morning activities to monthly meets. Yet another much awaited monthly meet came to meet us creating new memories in pictures and our hearts. We Zapiens are born IT magicians creating a culture of work hard and play hard to make mind fresh and mastered the skill of extracting maximum from the governing body of the human ‘brain’ , which needs much attention and care by a visit to wonderland to freshened up to work efficiently. Zapiens also feel proud by making others envy of our traditions and amusement. Co-worker…

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Silver blood donation camp – You don’t have to be a doctor to save lives 14Jun, 2016

Silver blood donation camp – You don’t have to be a doctor to save lives

A Friend isn’t whom you’ve known the longest, It’s about who is always there in need to hold hands firmly and we zapiens are always charged to help a friend specially when it is call for service of kindness. Like every time we were there to stand together to park our service in front of our dear friend Can N Will. Can N Will in alliance with Zapbuild walked a long way on path of generosity that came on silver turn of 25th anniversary celebrating world donor day on June 14,2016 of blood donation camp at Rotary and Blood bank,sector-37,chd. Exemplary journey of eight years, Zapbuild drove together all these years selflessly volunteering to donate blood, making a difference by…

Trip to Hail Himalayas – May 2016 20May, 2016

Trip to Hail Himalayas – May 2016

A great man once said that an Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you. More miraculously going to the Himalayas is not about finding yourself but creating yourself. Our access to the paradise of earth started when the clock struck 7 and we set our roll to get to the hub of eco-tourism. We were planned for amazingly adventurous 2 days. Our first halt was at Giani Da Dhaba and still the taste of the paranthas and the hot ginger tea freshen up the taste buds. Generally people prefer a nap after such a typical Punjabi breakfast but we had our priorities set before us and we had our battle of songs – Antakshri in our travel bus….

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Blanket Donation: Spreading Warmth 18Feb, 2016

Blanket Donation: Spreading Warmth

A little consideration, a little thought for others makes all the difference because no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted. At Zapbuild, we believe in doing our best to help others and this winter we tried to give smiles to people. We know there are many homeless people feeling cold this winter. So we made a modest effort of donating blankets it was our little act of kindness where we helped the needy stay warm this winter. Pics @ Our Facebook fan page

Spread The Joy Of Living And Happiness: Happy Basant Panchmi 12Feb, 2016

Spread The Joy Of Living And Happiness: Happy Basant Panchmi

A sweet gentle breeze replacing the cold winds, there is new life evident in the woods and fields. Where nature decorates Mango trees with fresh blossoms and the wheat enliven with evidence of new life. Basant Panchmi the festival full of religious and seasonal sentiments. It’s the time when spring knocks our doors and we bid bye to cold wintery nights. We at Zapbuild celebrate this day with full enthusiasm. With the kite flying like every year Zapiens soaked in the hues of yellow celebrating Basant Panchmi. With a race to win the kite flying contest was in full swing. Filling the sky with beautiful colors, we all exchanged some lively moments together. It is the time that brings a…