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Monthly Meet: September 2015 26Oct, 2015

Monthly Meet: September 2015

What is synonymous with IT companies? Stretched working hours, challenging projects, stressful client calls, unavoided deadlines and well suited tech army trying to explore something new every day. All these parameters just express the feeling of stress and tensions which is undoubtedly harmful to the growth of any organization. The office should not be the place where employees should work like slaves. There should be so much more to a work system that encourages employees to look forward to attend the office and work with happiness. Workers should in fact have a difficult time leaving their office because they enjoy the culture, challenges, and the atmosphere. Zapbuild is all about the amazing opportunities and great culture. Monthly Meets are just…

Bring A Life Back To Power- Donate Blood 01Oct, 2015

Bring A Life Back To Power- Donate Blood

Blood is our elixir of life. Searches are made daily to find blood for patients who are in critical conditions. Blood indeed is something special and at Zapbuild we understand that. In another blood donation camp by Can and Will & CATS like every time all the Zapiens rolled their sleeves up and went ahead to donate blood. We believe that our little efforts can go a along way and save a life. A single blood donation can save up to 3 lives and with every donation we are making a difference in our community by helping others. If you are a blood donor, you are a hero who has saved a life somewhere. Blood is essential for life and…

Mid Year Bash: August 2015 08Sep, 2015

Mid Year Bash: August 2015

Recall the eight hour day moment started during the British Industrial Revolution? The activists worked towards keeping eight hours for work, eight for play and eight for the rest, but unfortunately the competitive scenario has changed this moment entirely. We are serious about projects, deadlines and especially our work, but in the meantime, we never ignore the importance of spending a good time with our people This is where we feel distinguished from others. Back end preparations for a rocking party are always on This was the time for our MID YEAR PARTY A good party is where you have great music, amazing ambience, good food and beautiful looking people, but a stunning party is when you team up with…

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Independence Day Celebrations 18Aug, 2015

Independence Day Celebrations

Every Indian feels proud on the historic day when our country, India, became free from the stronghold of the British rule. Celebrating 69th Independence day at Zapbuild, we all said hello to our patriotic sides. Every corner of the work lab was beautifully decorated with the tri-colored accessories and the reception area greeted everyone with a beautiful Rangoli created by our very own staff. All these preparations and efforts to make the day extraordinary were fruitful because the feeling of patriotism was oozing out from every Zapien. This free morning kickstarted with soulful music in the background and a powerful speech that dazzled our day. Outstanding performances, salute selfies, delicious sweets and inspiring stories of the legends added soul to…

The Superheroes 23Jun, 2015

The Superheroes

Another blood donation camp by CAN n Will & CATS just happened and how. It is wonderful to see our partners doing such commendable work always. Zabuild too feels proud to surpass the previous record of donating 26 units of blood. This time our superheroes managed to donate 30 units blood at the Rotary Club. Blood Donation is a service to Humankind. You too can help a needy and save a precious life with your contribution. There are millions of blood donors in the world, but unfortunately so many countries are still facing challenges to meet the needs of the patients. Let’s make our citizens more aware with this thought that a life may depend on a gesture from you….

May Melodies 23Jun, 2015

May Melodies

True moments are those that are cherished with your loved ones. For us, happiness is getting together as a family, exchanging laughs and having fun. These magical hours give us memories of the lifetime. Monthly Meet: May came after a long wait of two months. This was the first time we experienced such a gap. This wait made us realize, how desperately we wanted to experience this feeling again. No one can forget that constant poking to know the date of celebrations and merriment. Finally, the crowd got some relief in the month of May with a powerful dose of hilarious fun games and exciting activities. Life embraced us again and the dullness in the work labs soon faded away…