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Silver blood donation camp – You don’t have to be a doctor to save lives 14Jun, 2016

Silver blood donation camp – You don’t have to be a doctor to save lives

A Friend isn’t whom you’ve known the longest, It’s about who is always there in need to hold hands firmly and we zapiens are always charged to help a friend specially when it is call for service of kindness. Like every time we were there to stand together to park our service in front of our dear friend Can N Will.

Can N Will in alliance with Zapbuild walked a long way on path of generosity that came on silver turn of 25th anniversary celebrating world donor day on June 14,2016 of blood donation camp at Rotary and Blood bank,sector-37,chd. Exemplary journey of eight years, Zapbuild drove together all these years selflessly volunteering to donate blood, making a difference by saving humanity and someone’s loved one. Little steps today has led to stair of positive response taking Zapbuild family to 350+ unit of blood donated.

Day was more glorified by grabbing the opportunity to make organ, eye and bone marrow donation pledge by our enthusiastic team. Adding more spice to the event with flurry of preparation of various games and photography competition increased the zeal of the donors which inspired many first time donors to leave the fear of needle in pocket and extend their arm and roll up their sleeves to contribute in joy of giving which we celebrated with a cake. This left them with heartwarming feeling of donating which ended to be their most incredible experience.

Bleeding Room was overflowing with flood of donors adding 34 of our team with many commendable members that entered the door of star donor and making Zapiens proud Ajay reached 10th donation mark and got awarded for his admirable contribution. Girls were not left behind they stepped forward and contributed equally to the cause with bright smiles on their faces.

Unmatched energy of Zapbuild family once again supported Can N Will to reach at its maximum strength and break their record at closing of the camp with 207 units.
The need will never end, be someone’s superhero and donate blood, your small gesture can give life to many and blessings to you.

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