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Healthcare organizations across the globe, invested enterprises and end-users have constantly discussed clinical decision support systems/software and the best practice guidelines to be followed throughout the healthcare industry. But there has been a constant push back from physicians and their lack of interest and inability to adopt this technology.

Still, a lot of health care providers in the industry are very quick in implementing this protocol which further increased the adoption of CDSS software for on a larger scale. Several issues that the current workforce in the healthcare industry might be facing such as:

  • Lack of the right information which is primarily evidence-based and helps clinicians in responding to patient needs
  • No access to the right information by the right people including the patient and the entire medical care team
  • Absence of any useful and relevant channels such as electronic health records, useful patient portals and dashboards and the like
  • There is also a severe lack of right intervention formats such as dashboards, patient lists, flow sheets and order sets, etc.

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Skeptical Much? Look at The Features of Clinical Decision Support System Platforms

Communication Channels

You get easy to use and superbly optimized communication channels and windows that will enable your patients interact with your physicians and medical care providers from absolutely anywhere. This makes remote patient monitoring easy and simplifies medication administration as well.

Data Management

All the details will be 100 % HIPAA-compliant and the data stores will be completely secure and watertight. The management tools and dashboard are going to be user authenticated to ensure complete safety of critical patient information.

Regulatory Compliance & Safety

All the regulatory compliance needs will be met before the data sharing protocols are put into action. All the parties accessing your data will be constantly checked for authenticity and account permissions.

Easy And Automated Reporting

You can say goodbye to the traditional methods of manual and time consuming reporting systems. This is going to make your clinical decision support application even more efficient and faster.

CDS Automation

The healthcare domain in the present scenario is very much value based. When we talk about patient engagement and consistency of medical care, CDS automation becomes extremely important. This reduces potential for drug prescription errors and also offers detailed medication classification at every step of the treatment.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Your EMR, EHR decision support is incomplete if it does not have a patient centered approach. You will be able to focus on their physical comfort, integrated medical care, coordinated medical treatments, patient education, pain management, advanced analytics and easy access to EHR capabilities to constantly maintain a high degree of patient engagement. You will get the necessary features and tools to maintain the safety of medication and improve the overall health outcomes of the patients by refining your care regimes.

Critical Data Analysis Tools

When we talk about advanced knowledge management, we cannot ignore the importance of clinical data analysis tools. There will be a universal set of rules, guidelines, operations and knowledge dissemination protocols that your medical decision support system will be equipped with. All the information will be broken down into machine readable language so that your application or website can function as a reliable data analytics tool. You will be able to produce meaningful and easily understandable reports about the current condition of your patients so that they can map and track their progress.

Clinical Rules Engine

The clinical rules engine feature is going to help your physicians match the symptoms and characteristics of an individual patient to the already recorded knowledge base. The software will be able to deliver very relevant assessments and useful recommendations for charting out an entire treatment plan for the patient.


Interoperability is essential in the areas of decision logic, terminology, medical information and web service interfaces, just to name a few. You will be able to use other health information systems in conjunction with the one that you will get with Zapbuild one of the best clinical decision support companies. Different systems will be granted semantic interoperability permissions to work with your CDS modules seamlessly. You get a completely personalized platform that can be easily integrated with other individual or third party patient management systems.

Alerts And Reminders

You get instant popup alerts that will be built into the platform. These will notify the end users about the important actions that need to be taken such as timely medications, treatments, treatment plan renewal, going in for tests and tracking their progress, etc.

Documentation Forms And Easy To Use Templates

You will be able to collect the most appropriate and adequate data and record them using various documentation forms and templates available within the software platform. All the data will be clearly and accurately recorded and documented for the purpose of future reference by physicians and patients alike.

Clinical Workflows

Clinical workflow solutions are going to simplify life for everyone. Your clinical decision support tool is going to provide a multi step care plan and protocols that will let you design evidence-based guidelines, suggest recommendations and decide pathways for every end user of the platform. It will simplify and speed up the provision of medical care and reduce costs significantly.

We have just scratched the surface by listing down the features that we will be custom designed in your healthcare decision support system. If you still have any doubts or questions in your mind, you can write. we will resolve all your doubts within no time.

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