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Telemedicine, Telecare and Telehealth, all of these are closely interlinked and related to one another but hold different meanings and relevance in the medical industry. There are numerous telehealth tools that provide features such as video, audio and different diagnostics that can be remotely administered to provide efficient services. Telemedicine is primarily used for the most common illness and even managing chronic conditions and providing specialist services via a patient health monitoring app. According to the World Health Organization, a well developed Telehealth platform should comprise medical promotion, surveillance, public health functions and also consumer education or delivery of information to the users of the platform making sure that doctor patient consulting app is developed with all Standard features. Telecare is again a broad term that encompasses virtual healthcare where the doctors or physicians remotely interact with patients and provide them with the most relevant treatment as well. This may include monitoring the vitals of a patient after surgery, responding to critical questions about their diagnosis, creating a treatment plan and providing digital tools for communication in real-time for long-distance care management making it the best doctor patient communication app.

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Features Of Our Telehealth/Telemedicine Software

Integrated Audio And Video

The most critical aspect of using any advanced telehealth / telemedicine software platform is establishing a connection between the physician and the patient. When you talk about live patient engagement, we have you covered with the most efficient and easiest audio-video tools with telehealth video conferencing features, Making sure they are imbibed into the remote patient monitoring application.

Clinical Documentation Storage

You get ready-to-use content libraries with our online medical consultation app, a secure and safe patient database management system that will make the creation of clinical documentation and sharing and reproduction of the same swift and easy.

Ability To Support A Plethora Of Devices

Around 83% of users want this feature in the best telehealth or telemedicine apps they are using. We develop telehealth apps that are easily deployable on a vast number of devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and any other clinical endpoints.

EHR Integration

Yes, any kind of digital telemedicine solution that integrates with your electronic medical record system is going to prove to be more efficient and useful for you. You can reduce any chances of error and seamlessly schedule all your appointments without any delay. It also speeds up sharing information between systems and concerned parties.

Ability To Communicate

You will also get a chat window/portals and similar tools with our telemedicine app for Physicians & Doctors, that will enable easy communication between patients and physicians. This will further help in analyzing consultation data and also improving the performance of your medical staff. You can enhance collaborations, archive the communication and files shared between the patients & physicians for future reference.

Support For Your Medical Lab

Your in-house medical laboratories are a constantly running engine that needs to be integrated with your cloud based telemedicine / telehealth application as well. The person registered to receive medical treatment and physicians both will be able to access the lab and test results on the go. This makes scheduling their next tests, carrying out diagnosis, altering treatment plants with the help of regular feedback from lab technicians and physicians easy.

Easily Understandable Interface

The telemedicine/telehealth website you get will be easy to configure to accommodate individual preferences. The interface will be easy on the eyes and superfast to navigate. The doctors are easily able to customize online consultation apps depending on each specialty in your hospital.

Low Bandwidth Support

If you have a sluggish or unreliable internet connection, do not break into a sweat. Your live streaming video conferences will be as smooth and uninterrupted as you want them to be. We have the most reliable telemedicine App development that is specifically designed to work well even if you have less than optimal network conditions.

Healthcare Provider Scheduling

Do you want patient driven online appointment requests? You can do that without taking away the control from the hands of your medical staff. Each of the appointments can be configured based on the needs and availability of both the physicians and the person seeking for treatment.

Reimbursement Engine

You obviously want to increase your revenue and Zapbuild as a telemedicine software development company is going to help you achieve your annual targets with telehealth services. You want to know whether the patients you are dealing with are eligible for any reimbursement or not. We give you an advanced telehealth solution that extracts information about each patient to understand the complex landscape of payer policies and state regulations as well. You can trust the sophisticated software algorithm developed by our teams to create a reimbursement feature that is 100% reliable.

HIPAA And HL7 Compliance

The system will be absolutely and completely HL7 and HIPAA compliant. For instance, you know that few platforms are not completely secure or encrypted when it comes to establishing connections with your patients, we develop doctor patient video conferencing software keeping the development stick to the rules of Standard Security compliance. Zapbuild understands the importance of HIPAA compliant telemedicine, telehealth software platform and therefore comes up with a system that meets all the required standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and HL7.

Business Associate Agreement

This feature is more often than not quite overlooked. Ensuring that your telemedicine/telehealth platform signs a business associate agreement is very essential if you want to implement it into your practice. The business associate agreement states that medical hospitals/clinics and your platform agree to store patient information on their servers. The BAA protects the hospitals and clinics if the platform is found to be negligent in protecting critical data.

Many more features that define the digital healthcare services sector of the present age are what you get with Zapbuild. Being certain about your requirements is going to be difficult in the constantly changing medical sector. This is why we are here.

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