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Custom CRM Solutions For Realtors - Commercial & Residential

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CRM software integration has become inseparable from any platform that you want to create for the real estate industry. Getting your very own application tailor-made for your business should be right at the pinnacle of your bucket list. You must have some business plan and both long term and short term objectives to expand your operations and take your real estate business to new heights.Just like you, who has such strong business acumen and vision, your real estate customer relationship management software or website also needs to be as functional and optimized. Over the years Zapbuild has been right at the forefront of Real Estate CRM development company with its unmatched modules and superlative analytics capabilities.

You don't just get a simple database solution or a website framework that optimizes your customer lifecycle journey. With our highly customized crm software for realtors, you get expert-level automation, KPI tracking, ability to monitor your team’s performance, lead generation and tracking, real-time data oversight and migration solutions that enhance the end-user experience significantly.Zapbuild offers custom-developed Customer Relationship Management solutions, for businesses of all sizes and across industry-verticals, similar to the leading CRM platforms like Zoho, SalesForce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Siebel and many more.

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CRM Software Development - Features You Will Get

Contact and Leads Management System

Efficiently generate and nurture leads and automate lead distribution for better and faster conversions to get improved returns

Appointment Scheduling

Now that you will have faster response times. You can schedule timely appointments with your prospective clients, agents and/or brokers

Sales Tracking

Without the ability to convert leads on the go and automate the sales process no tool stands a chance against the competition

Follow Up

Managing your clients and properties from one place will become possible through a seamless integration of various fields

Workflow Management

Aimed at maximizing your profits through intelligent coverage and monitoring of all your functions and operations

Booking Tracking

Efficient and timely booking tracking is the foundation of lead management and it ensures a constant flow of client activity & information

Robust List

Get the most reliable real estate CRM app for employee, backend task performance & list and offers management and MLS integration as well

Property Management CRM

Simplify property tracking, keep updates of your inventory from absolutely anywhere, monitor with customized notifications, dashboard reports, pipeline visualization and much more

Powerful Contract Features

Strong contract management tool features to automate and enable faster, more accurate production, and delivery of legal-approved contracts to your prospects or customers

Cloud Based CRM

Our cloud-based framework and web hosted and online applications are feature-rich and suitable for every business size and type

Mobile Capability

Our customer relationship management website will let your agents, brokers, and clients find their ideal property on the go across various mobile devices seamlessly

Multi-User Account

You get an application that gives multiple users the freedom to plan, execute, track and analyze all their marketing initiatives

Registration Tracking

It is easier to find out now who has registered for your newsletters or regular information on readily available properties


Custom build platform easily lets you perform highly automated end-to-end sales function and also manage customer receipts


All your agents and brokers will be in sync now and their several quotations can be monitored and kept in check remotely

Client Management

Web and Mobile based CRM tool has to be feature-rich and easy-to-use with a flexible user interface that allows you to manage clients easily.

Project Management

Manage all your projects from a single dashboard and creates timely & intelligent reports


Save time with appropriate and timely online decision support through superior calendar management functionality

Agents And Brokers

Keep a track of the activities of your agents and brokers and maintain a list of every team member and the project assigned to them

Builder Records

This calls for third party integration in a few cases where the builder might have their own app and database to link to yours

Commissions Records

The key to efficient customer relationship management is to maintain honest records of the commissions paid by them


Generate timely and fully automated invoices, enhance communication with your consumers, developers, and investors and maintain complete transparency

Unified Database

Unified and constantly updated stream of information and useful data and statistics make your app user-friendly and highly relevant

Powerful Email

Get pre-designed drip email campaigns and templates to promote your products in a systematic manner to your clients and prospects

Faster Response Times

Eliminate waiting times and solve customer queries and interact with your clients and agents in a snap of your finger

Elegant Visuals

Zapbuild takes pride in creating visually appealing and stunningly beautiful graphics to keep your users addicted to your application

Work Naturally

The user-friendliness of CRM software for realtors is going to give your users the freedom to use the app without any training

Insights on Information Technology in Real Estate

Get actionable insights from IT perspective on the Real Estate industry for effective outcomes.

Success Stories, Delivered Results

Discover how Zapbuild’s innovative solutions in Information Technology are empowering Real estate businesses.